Jetpack Jeremy 1.3.3

Jetpack Jeremy
Jetpack Jeremy1.3.3简介
A jump & run game mixing elements of classic games like Super Mario World with elements from recent mobile games like Flappy Bird. Guide Jeremy with his jetpack through the tunnels of his underground gardens, where he can gather flowers for his beloved girl. Keep your finger on the screen to gain height with the jetpack, lift it from the screen to lose height, always avoiding collisions with the tunnel walls.The game has 50 levels of increasing difficulty. It uses global leaderboards where you can compare your highscore to that of other players, and allows challenge games (requires Android 2.3 or higher).In addition to the touchscreen controls the game can also be controlled external Bluetooth\/USB controllers, trackball or keyboard. The game is MOGA Enhanced and also runs on the Nvidia Shield. Integrated with Immersion MOTIV Haptic Effects.Ad-supported version. App permissions required for ad retrieval.
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Jetpack Jeremy版本:1.3.3