Speed Booster 11.53

Speed Booster
Speed Booster11.53简介
Auto boost option - Light Weight One-click Speed Boosting - Auto start at Mobile Boot - Instant start - Save Battery - Quick ResponseUse BoostUp Advanced Speed Booster to increase mobile speed, by terminating unwanted tasks that runs in backgroundAutomatic speed boostUp terminates unwanted tasks that slows down your android performanceAdvanced Speed Booster stops unwanted tasks from using internet bandwidthBattery Saver of Advanced Speed Booster stops threads that drain your Android smart phone batteryReduces the CPU load by boosting your google's android performanceDesktop Short-cut to increase android mobile speed in a single clickFavours Racing at great Speed by maximizing android mobile memory for gamesFree up the RAM by deleting unwanted garbage data. This makes your phone work faster.Optimized Gaming increases the response time of games.Advanced Speed Booster Increases the speed of apps that use GPS (like Google Maps)Task manager to manually kill unwanted tasksBoostUp frees up y
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